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Born in 1980 in Freiburg i.Br.

Work as event emcee & sports commentator

Do not understand the point of horror movies

Hobbies include golf, tennis, scuba diving & more

Improv over planning any day

Sucker for dark chocolate & coffee

Definite day dreamer


Howdie, I am Till. I am born and partially raised in the Black Forest in Germany but traveled the world from an early age as an army brat and the later in my  career in the hotel industry. After stops just outside London, in New York, Los Angeles, Munich, Berlin, Copenhagen and so many more cities I am  now living in the cycling and outdoor paradise Girona, north of Barcelona.


After 7 years with Four Seasons Hotels around the world I decided to chase my dream to be an event MC and sports commentator which has now been my career  since 2010. Working globally for clients like Mercedes Benz, Eurosport, Red Bull, Ironman, Garmin and so many more I have turned my first passion into my profession.


After overcoming a 10 year lasting severe and at one point life threatening illness and being told that I will never do sports again, I embarked ona mission in 2010 to prove doctors wrong. Another 4 years later I delivered this proof by  finishing Ironman South Africa on one of the toughest race day the race has ever seen. A finished that sparked a hole new passion for endurance sport.

After finishing a few more Ironman races and events like the 8 stage MTB race Cape Epic I decided to challenge myself mentally and physically and absolutely unprepared to an open end, self supported bike packing adventure across the West Sahara. 3200km, getting lost in a sandstorm and being held hostage for ransom I found myself at a beach in Gambia with a burning desire for bikepacking, exploring the world and ultra cycling that is burning strong to this day and I want to use to inspire others to find their passions and chase their dreams.

Out of the sandstorm.jpg


I want to share adventures and stories with an unbiased lens, inspiring people to see the beauty of our planet and rethink how we treat it.

I explore to see the world through my own eyes, experience cultures and our planet with a childlike wonder.

What truly excites is a challenge I might fail in the first attempt. It is this unknown that drives me to  try new things and if by the end of the year I have achieved every  goal I set myself, I clearly didn't dare dreaming big enough.

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